Reading Assignment #readtosomeone

Book: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Two: A Clash of Kings

Author: George R. R. Martin

Pages Read: 23

I selected this passage to aloud read aloud because I think the images used to describe the scene have really brilliant metaphorical value. The flames described in this passage are giving life to three dragon eggs (the reader doesn’t know that at the time), that previously were cold stone. The author chooses to use images of various animals, creatures of pure life; and also images of such mythic and ethereal being such as sorcerers and unicorns. By using these images to describe the fire, the author makes the fire feel more alive, and beyond this world.  Which I think is a really smart choice since this fire is giving life to creatures such as dragons.
The power of reading stories aloud is that it lets people experience a story in a way they wouldn’t have otherwise. Professional storytellers are almost like actors, when they read the story their voice affects the story, and the listeners’ perception of it, so they must not only read the content, but convey the emotions of the characters, and the mood of the story with their voice and possibly some actions.
It felt a little weird reading it aloud because I felt like I wasn’t giving this quote justice. I was going as fast as I could to fit in as much as I could, and still say all the words properly (and all of that is really hard when you have an accent). I prefer to write down quotes and let other people read them because then my voice and tone are not affecting the readers’ perception of the content, and they can make their own take away from it. Also, most people are not auditory learners, including me, so when they hear something without a physical portrayal of it, it just flies over their head.
I wasn’t really bothered by posting it online because its my side Instagram for creative writing, just the 15 seconds limit bothered me because i couldn’t fit everything in. That’s the thing with social media, a lot is left unsaid.


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