Personal addition #3

Today I finished the storyline of the video game that I was playing, Dragon Age: Inquisition. I really enjoyed the storyline, and the setting was a type that I’m really drawn to (oldie-time fantasy); although there were some times when I was a little confused because there are some things and conflicts that are results of previous games which I’ll be playing next. Video games is the type of story medium were you can make your own choices on the path the main character (you) take, and the means do often impact the outcomes and what follows them. I’m overall pretty happy with most of the choices I made, but I will be replaying this game after playing through the previous ones; as a different race and class, and try to make different decisions to see how that impacts my path. The game is still open for me to play, I have a few side quests I haven’t done, and some more dragons to kill, so I’ll revisit my current character to clean things up. 


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