Reading Assignment – Reading Doodle

I don’t think I did well on this week’s reading response, I just drew some things that were described or talked about, significant or not. I found this task difficult because I don’t draw very well, and I had to keep putting the book down to doodle; and that was very distracting for me. This assignment made doodling feel like a chore; and it shouldn’t be. When I think of doodling it’s something that I would do in chemistry or physics class, and it would just be random shapes and lines at the corner of my notes.
The most significant thing I drew is the window with the comet flying through the sky. It shows up across a handful of the first chapters in this book, and each character finds a different meaning in it. The meaning each character gives the comet reflects on their hopes and ambitions, and enhances the characterization of each character.
Another thing I drew are the furrowed eyebrows, because one of the character was being angry, and I think eyebrows are a very expressive tool.
Last thing I drew that I’ll talk about is the leg over the chair. The character who is currently ruling the Seven Kingdoms is thirteen, and doesn’t understand the weight of his position. He’s very self-righteous, abuses his power, and dismisses any counsel he’s given; he’s described as sitting in this way, and I think it is very true to his character.
As I said, this doodling assignment didn’t help me at all (it’d rather do literary analysis), and on the contrary it got me distracted, and I couldn’t truly be absorbed into the story as I usually prefer to happen.


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