Six Word Memoir

My six word memoir explains how I got into a lot of the things I like and enjoy; specifically speaking of video games. The picture shows three of the video games I played so far, on a backdrop of a map of the setting of one of them; because I thought it would look cool like that. Two out of three of these games I got knowing near nothing about the game, I didn’t even look up the trailers for them, all I knew is that there are dragons; and that there is beautiful scenery. When I was choosing the font I tried to look one that had an ‘old’ look to it, since they’re all fantasy RPGs. As for the colour of the font, I tried to pick out a readable one, that isn’t too hard on the eyes, and present in each of the games; and that happened to be the colour of blood.  I’m a little upset with how the color of the words on the bottom came out, it’s the same color and shade as the one on the top, but the shadow makes it look lighter in comparison. My memoir probably seems very silly; but I didn’t want to do anything serious and majorly life shaking. It makes me sad when I work on things like that, and probably others that read it too; I don’t like doing that. It’d rather make people have a quick smile in their day, rather than have them rethink life for the rest of it.


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