Six Word Memoir

My six word memoir explains how I got into a lot of the things I like and enjoy; specifically speaking of video games. The picture shows three of the video games I played so far, on a backdrop of a map of the setting of one of them; because I thought it would look cool like that. Two out of three of these games I got knowing near nothing about the game, I didn’t even look up the trailers for them, all I knew is that there are dragons; and that there is beautiful scenery. When I was choosing the font I tried to look one that had an ‘old’ look to it, since they’re all fantasy RPGs. As for the colour of the font, I tried to pick out a readable one, that isn’t too hard on the eyes, and present in each of the games; and that happened to be the colour of blood.  I’m a little upset with how the color of the words on the bottom came out, it’s the same color and shade as the one on the top, but the shadow makes it look lighter in comparison. My memoir probably seems very silly; but I didn’t want to do anything serious and majorly life shaking. It makes me sad when I work on things like that, and probably others that read it too; I don’t like doing that. It’d rather make people have a quick smile in their day, rather than have them rethink life for the rest of it.

Personal Addition #6 – Human Rights Museum

On Thursday I got to go to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights through a field trip; I was’t impressed. The great majority of the space was used for fancy architecture, rather than galleries. The information in the galleries was also presented in poor ways, telling what Canada did, and how Canada helped, even when speaking of global events. That I think is an awful way to show history, through the eyes of a white nation. They’re, everyone here, is so afraid to be exposed to social issues in a way that might put them in a bad light; so we tend to not talk about it. Just cover it with pretty stuff; put on a show. It seems the museum captures that aspect well.

Personal Addition #5


Started playing Dragon Age: Origins today, and this is my character, a human Mage. I know the game is a little older but I was really dissatisfied with the eyebrow choices. As for skin tones, there are only two shades darker than this one, and they’re not even brown or black, they’re like red and just look like a bad sunburn. The ones that are lighter than this are just 50 shades of blinding white.

Reading Assignment – Reading Doodle

I don’t think I did well on this week’s reading response, I just drew some things that were described or talked about, significant or not. I found this task difficult because I don’t draw very well, and I had to keep putting the book down to doodle; and that was very distracting for me. This assignment made doodling feel like a chore; and it shouldn’t be. When I think of doodling it’s something that I would do in chemistry or physics class, and it would just be random shapes and lines at the corner of my notes.
The most significant thing I drew is the window with the comet flying through the sky. It shows up across a handful of the first chapters in this book, and each character finds a different meaning in it. The meaning each character gives the comet reflects on their hopes and ambitions, and enhances the characterization of each character.
Another thing I drew are the furrowed eyebrows, because one of the character was being angry, and I think eyebrows are a very expressive tool.
Last thing I drew that I’ll talk about is the leg over the chair. The character who is currently ruling the Seven Kingdoms is thirteen, and doesn’t understand the weight of his position. He’s very self-righteous, abuses his power, and dismisses any counsel he’s given; he’s described as sitting in this way, and I think it is very true to his character.
As I said, this doodling assignment didn’t help me at all (it’d rather do literary analysis), and on the contrary it got me distracted, and I couldn’t truly be absorbed into the story as I usually prefer to happen.

Personal Addition #4

These are my costumes from fashion show this past weekend. One for our 50s/60s Hairspray dance, and the other for out 70s dance. The 70s outfit it kinda what I used to wear a year or so back, and it was weird dressing like that again; reviving the emo/punk. 

Personal addition #3

Today I finished the storyline of the video game that I was playing, Dragon Age: Inquisition. I really enjoyed the storyline, and the setting was a type that I’m really drawn to (oldie-time fantasy); although there were some times when I was a little confused because there are some things and conflicts that are results of previous games which I’ll be playing next. Video games is the type of story medium were you can make your own choices on the path the main character (you) take, and the means do often impact the outcomes and what follows them. I’m overall pretty happy with most of the choices I made, but I will be replaying this game after playing through the previous ones; as a different race and class, and try to make different decisions to see how that impacts my path. The game is still open for me to play, I have a few side quests I haven’t done, and some more dragons to kill, so I’ll revisit my current character to clean things up. 

6 Words Memoir Doodle

I thought that a six word memoir would actually be really hard, so I was relieved when I saw the other ones. They were fairly general, and the good ones weren’t necessarily super sophisticated. I learned that it’s hard for me to doodle when I’m told to, because o just end up taking point form notes.